Birthday Recap

Hi guys – hope you are having a great week! Sorry for being MIA yesterday, I’ve been swamped trying to catch up from taking this past weekend off. Anywayyy, so onto the birthday. First, my darling boyfriend organized a surprise dinner with all of my friends Saturday night which was so sweet. The previous evening he took me to dinner and surprised me with this:

Yayyy!! I am super excited about my new digital SLR. I can’t wait to take a zillion photos. :)

B also had two of our good friends from Philly surprise me for dinner…..along with  Mandy and her boyfriend Chance, who made the trip up from Harrisonburg. (Mandy owns The Yellow Button, a amazing clothing boutique which I do the graphic design for.) Being the fashionista she is, Mandy surprised me with this beautiful Free People sweater:

My parents gave me a new pair of cozy Ugg boots and together with my brother made me an amazing dinner.

My bro, who is quite an extraordinary cook, gave me this:

Hmmmm lots of yummy food and beautiful photography.

So besides the good company, great food and thoughtful gifts from my friends and family – I had an amazing birthday. :)

Have a great day!

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