Decisions, decisions.

Good morning! Happy Monday! This morning I’m posting about a big decision I’m about to make this week. I’m about to purchase a new car and for the life of me, I can’t make a decision. Here are my choices:

2010 VW Jetta


2010 Honda Civic


Both are white with tan leather interior, have the same warranty and are fairly the same price. Thoughts anyone?

2 Comments on “Decisions, decisions.

  1.  by  BJMRamage

    Personal taste…Jetta.

    If you want a car that may run forever, get the Honda.
    If you want a car that will handle well on the road under any driving conditions, get the VW. (I also find VW has many base features compared to other brands.)

    Japanese cars last long and have good electronics.
    German cars handle well on the road and will make you want to find a windy road.
    Italian cars move very fast.
    South American cars shake at highway speeds.
    Scandinavian cars are safe and handle well on the road.
    American cars…..

  2.  by  BOb

    Hey there, I’ve driven both cars and just wanted to let you know that the civic feels like it’s running on a rubber band when you floor it. I was not impressed with the acceleration.

    The Jetta on the other hand was solid both on the highway and on back roads. The acceleration felt much stronger and smoother as well. The 6 speed transmission definitely helped.


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