Emily Marie Photos: Branding

The moment I met Emily in person, I instantly just loved her. She’s of those girls that is so kind and genuine, she can literally light up a room. Emily was one of my roommates at Creative at Heart and we hit it off instantly. I mean, she arrived with a batch of homemade salted caramel chocolate chip cookies, so I knew we were destined to be friends! Over many late night chats, we spent time those few days together getting to know one another. I knew right away that Emily had such a passion for photography, it didn’t surprise me one bit that she launched a blog and debuted her business a week later.

Shortly after, Emily approached me about working together on the branding for Emily Marie Photography. We spent months researching, finding inspiration, and really digging into the core of her business. Here’s the mood board we put together for Emily’s brand:Branding Mood Board

Emily is completely obsessed with anchors and surprising enough her love for them has nothing to do with the ocean! It’s more about being a symbol of strength for her, but I’ll let her share that story with you another day. We knew that an anchor needed to be a significant part of her branding, but she also wanted to keep things simple, modern, fun, and approachable. I’m so excited to share with you the final result for the new Emily Marie Photography! Enjoy!


Emily, thank you so much for trusting me with your brand! I’m so glad our paths crossed and I can’t wait to watch your photography business grow!

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