Etsy Find: madebyhank

Browsing one of my favorite places (Etsy) this morning, I came across MadebyHank, home of the beautiful creations of Katie Henry. Here are just a few of her lovely pieces. Hurry and check out her blog and flickr page, you’ll find about 56 different things you love. Promise.



2 Comments on “Etsy Find: madebyhank

  1.  by  shannon jackson

    okay i was wondering how to get to an online site for these. i wanted to order a made by hank laptop bag. do u know how much they run? like the one in ur 4th pic on here. thanks. :)

  2.  by  sublimedesign

    I love this designer and the items are available through her Etsy shop. I noticed that some of the items are unavailable right now, but you could always send her a message and custom request a laptop bag! Have a great day!

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