Etsy Gift Guide: Part 1

For some people, gift giving this year might be a little harder than years prior . . . so, I wanted to take some time today and share some great gifts! The best part, they are all under $25.

Beautiful Sterling Silver earrings from FableBay ($24)

Shampoo & Conditioner Rocks from inalather ($16)

Leather Journal from peaseblossomstudio ($24)

Camera strap slip cover from Shealynn ($18.50)

Vintage zipper purse from madebyhank ($16)

2010 Letterpress Calendar from 1canoe2 ($24)

Turquoise earrings from cindyhoo ($25)

Brown leather pouch for iPhone/iPod by designsforhim ($15)

Custom coffee mug by mudpie2 ($25)

Bicycle T-shirt by locomotive ($28) sorry I couldn’t resist!

Look for my gift guide, part 2 coming soon . . .

Happy Weekend!

5 Comments on “Etsy Gift Guide: Part 1

  1.  by  sublimedesign

    Fable Bay – no problem!!
    Pang, I know – isn’t is a great t-shirt?
    Sam – Seriously, I want everything too!

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