Etsy Gift Guide: Part 2

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend was great! Mine was filled with time spent with old friends and an AMAZING photo shoot (pics to come soon).

Please enjoy Part 2 of my Etsy gift guide. Have a wonderful day!

French landscape photo by opart ($21)

Mauve Hoops from sparkleandmetal ($24)

Harvest leaf locket from pangeastore ($25)

Write it in your heart print from vol25 ($25)

Bobbi pins from ohhellofriend ($5)

Dhyana Gocco Print from sooooound ($25)

Stainless steel water bottle with wrap from prettynpreppy ($16.50)

Lime Green Strip Silk tie from rabbitshop ($17.50)

Gourmet spice rub & bbq kit from purposedesign ($17)

tiny text bowl from palomasnest ($22)

4 Comments on “Etsy Gift Guide: Part 2

  1.  by  Jennifer

    What an honor to be included in your Etsy gift guide! We were so excited to finally open up shop. The response to the water bottles has been great thanks to gift guides like yours. Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving!

  2.  by  sublimedesign

    Hi Jennifer! I love the water bottles!! Wish you the best of luck for your shop. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  4.  by  Angie

    Wow! I know this is a bit delayed, but I just found this, and I wante to thank you for including my Harvest Leaf Locket Necklace! :) It’s an honor! :D

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