Exciting & Productive Weekend!

Phewww. It feels so good to get things accomplished!! Although I spent 85% of the weekend in front of the computer, I really got through so much on my to-do list. Logo for the Little Blue Cottage is almost finished, Jessie & Chris’ Save the Dates are on their way to the printer, Julie & Matt’s Save the Dates are on their way to the printer, Larissa  & Doug’s Save the Dates are almost done, Baby Luella’s Announcements are complete and web edits & business card comps for All Buttoned-Up are finished. Not to mention, half of my Christmas cards are written out, 7 loads of laundry are done & folded and I even went to the grocery store. Man. I was lucky enough to do all this and watch the snow fall outside my window. Love it. It’s really beginning to feel like the holidays.

Onto way more exciting news. My dear friend Jess got engaged this weekend! Her boyfriend  proposed in front of the Christmas Tree at Rockefellar’s Center during their weekend trip to NYC. I couldn’t be more estatic for the two of them.  Ahhh!!

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