Happy 2010!

Hello there! I hope everyone had a long, relaxing weekend! I have a few things to report. . . .

1) Jessie + Chris’ save the dates were featured on the Oh So Beautiful Paper blog this morning! A special thanks to Nole for sharing them.

2) Sublime Design got a tiny makeover this weekend. Do you like the new header?

3) I. Am. Finally. Moved. Out. (Enough said, especially after all the complaining I did, right?)

4) It is freeezzziiinnngggg here and I also heard another coastal storm is brewing? Uggghhh.

Happy Monday!

{image via +)

4 Comments on “Happy 2010!

  1.  by  fresh365

    Congrats on the great design on Oh So Beautiful Paper. I love that blog as well! I really like what you did with your header- how fun!

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