Kelly Pullman Photography: Branding

Launch day is such an exciting day for my branding clients, and today is no exception! Kelly and I have been working together since the beginning of this year to create a new look for her photography business, Kelly Pullman Photography. Having a graphic design background herself, Kelly had a pretty clear vision of what she wanted for her rebrand but decided she didn’t want to tackle the design portion herself. Right from the beginning I knew Kelly would be a great client. She fell in love with photography when she was in high school and hasn’t put down the camera since. It’s amazing to see how passionate Kelly is about photography and I love the heart behind her brand. Kelly’s mission behind her business is to capture beautiful images that will later become heirlooms. Her hope is that the moments she captures will be passed down for generations and cherished by her families forever.

The main goal of the logo I created for Kelly was to design something she felt connected to and represented her personal style. Behind the camera Kelly’s style is very feminine, light and airy, but her personal style is sophisticated and trendy. I think we captured all those feelings perfectly in her new brand, what do you think?! Enjoy the gorgeous new brand for Kelly Pullman Photography!

Kelly Pullman Photography Inspiration BoardKelly Pullman Photography Brand Board

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