Korean BBQ.

My darling little brother turned 22 a few weeks ago and to celebrate, we took him for Korean BBQ. Until a few years ago, I was skeptical about Korean food. I’d never even tried it until I started dating Bob (who’s half Korean). For one of our first meals together he made this Korean dish and I thought, “How am I going to eat that?” while staring at cold, white noodles with this bright, red sauce. Being the polite, new girlfriend, I forced it down – but didn’t enjoy it at all. “Great” I thought to myself…..”how am I going to date a guy who’s Korean, if I don’t even like Korean food? Ugh.”

My second experience with Korean food was much, much better. Bob look me for Korean BBQ and simply put – it was amazing! The bulgogi (marinated ribeye, sliced thin) and galbi (same marinade, but short ribs instead) were to die for. The waitress brings out the meat and grills it right in front of you at your table! There are tons of sides to add onto the meat, you plop it into a lettuce leaf, roll it up and enjoy!

Anyway, ever since then, I promised my parents and brother we’d take them for Korean BBQ and Kevin’s birthday was a perfect excuse. If you ever have the chance to grab Korean BBQ, you must, even if it’s just once. :) If you have gone before, where was your favorite place?


Lots of sides . . .

Bob is full.

Make a wish birthday boy. (How cute is his girlfriend next to him?) :)

Incredible, homemade ice cream pie….courtesy of my Mom. Yum.

2 Comments on “Korean BBQ.

  1.  by  tickledred

    Looks like you all had so much fun. I have a Korean friend but she hasn’t cooked for me yet. Other friends rave about her (sp?) Kim-Chi.

    •  by  sublimedesign

      You have to ask her to!!! Yes, Kim-Chi….so yummy and spicy! :)

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