I can’t help but notice how much French macaron’s have been in the spotlight lately. What is a French macaron exactly? Well, I believe they are a traditional French pastry made of egg whites, almond powder, icing and sugar. They have a round meringue-like domes appearance with a flat base. Not to be confused with Macaroons, which are a sweet dense cookie made of coconut, egg white and coarse almond paste….and in my opinion, not nearly as pretty as the French macaron.

Here are a few places recently I’ve seen these beautiful delicacies:

DIY Holiday Macaroon Project over at Style Me Pretty.

Paulette Macarons (which you can buy online here!)

Ohhh, how I love the packaging! There are so many flavors too!

They are also showing up in weddings too! Like this one featured on Style Me Pretty.

and this one over at parcel post!

I think I need some macarons in my life! Have you had a chance to try these yummy treats? If so, where can I get some!?! Hhaha. Have a good day.

{images from style me pretty, parcel post, and paulette macarons}

3 Comments on “Macarons

  1.  by  arielle

    Betsy brought back Pierre Herme macarons from Paris. Apparently they are the best, ever. They were pretty amazing. We’ll have to send her back for some for you :)

  2.  by  pang

    I’ve been drooling over macarons forever! We need to find a place ASAP!

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