New Blog: Cravings

I can’t express to you how much I love food, besides design of course. One of my favorite parts of traveling to new places is reasearching all the wondeful restaurants that I can visit. Even if it’s new neightborhoods around my house, dining at a new restaurant is just so exciting to me!

Last night I was catching up the two latest issues of Print Magazine, where I noticed blog that caught my eye, Cravings.┬áThis blog is the work of two sisters who review New York City food & wine. But that’s not all, once I checked out the blog myself, I was pleased to see that they had other destinations as well, including Washington, DC! Not only are there reviews, but the sisters also break down the blog into different “cravings”; tasting, sipping, happenings, baking fridays and much more. You have to check it out yourself.

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