Photography Week: Erin Hearts Court

Today I’m going to share the first of several photographer’s that I look to for inspiration. Photography has always inspired me. When I was younger, I carried a disposable camera (ha, remember those?!) on me at all times. In junior high I upgraded to a vcr sized digital camera (seriously, I still have it. I think it weights 12 pounds) and since then I’ve gone through numerous point and shoots and a few years ago, feel in love with the NikonD90 SLR camera. Today, thanks to a special someone I have my very own Canon Rebel XSI. Oh, I also forgot those 2 years of black and white photography when I was in college. Honestly, I wish I would have pursued photography a  little more, but graphic design stole my heart. Anyway, today I’m highlighting Erin Hearts Court, a creative husband and wife duo. Together they have their own wedding photography business, but Courtney also designs beautiful stationery and Erin does commercial photography as well. What a talented pair. Don’t forget to visit their blog too!

{images via erin hearts court}

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