Poor Ivy Plant

This post is for my friend Tickled Red so she can laugh at my terrible, black thumb. This poor little ivy (?) plant has been mine for about 2 years or so. It was broken off this beautiful, HUGE, 10 year old plant and given to me as a gift from B’s Aunt, who has since passed away. I was given two branches . . . one which died a few months ago, so I’ve been desperately trying to keep this guy alive. I went to transplant it into fresh, new soil this weekend – but realized it’s roots were seriously lacking. So for now, it’s living in a cup of water and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it grows more roots and turns out to be big and beautiful. :)

Anyone out there have a green thumb?!

3 Comments on “Poor Ivy Plant

  1.  by  tickledred

    Ack! You didn’t tell me it was an heirloom plant.! Try root compound from Lowes to boost the roots. Then we will go from there. You may have to ship me that baby and I’ll send it back to you :)


  2.  by  Jess

    Devils’ Ivy?! See….I know nothing!!! Getting some root booster this weekend!! Thanks for all your help. You = Awesome :)

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