Sweet Summer

It’s official . . . . summer is right around the corner and I’m so incredibly happy. Kicking off my summer fun was Jessie & Chris’ wedding last weekend and this weekend – Jess & Justin’s engagement party!

I don’t know about you, but I’m attempting to fill up my summer with lots of sunshine between the busy weeks of work & designing. First up, Smith Mountain Lake, followed by a week at the beach with friends, a weekend in NYC, Charlotte for my college roomie’s wedding, Cali for a work conference (hopefully sneaking down to San Diego while I’m there) and ending my travels with a quick tour of Seattle/Portland/Vancover (crossing my fingers I haven’t run out of vacation time by then).

What do you have planned this summer? Any good places to check out in Charlotte, Seattle, Portland, LA, San Diego?? :)

Nothing screams summer better than popsicles. Popbar in NY is a must to check out. :)

{image via popbar}

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