Under the Weather

I hate being sick, ugh.  Especially when the summer days are almost out of sight. Oh well. Sooo, I was thinking that today might be a nice day to post a little more about me.  Here goes:

Five things I can’t live without in my closet:
Ugg Boots in the winter
Flip flops in the summer
Skinny Jeans
Summer Dresses

Three things I do before hitting the sack:
Watch a little tube
Wash my face
Kiss my lovely boyfriend goodnight

What tempts me?
Good food.

Five things in my purse:
Lip Gloss
Random Business Cards

Two gadgets I must have:
Macbook Pro

What I had to drink today:
Tea (substitution for coffee because I’ m sick)

How many hours I usually sleep:
Honestly, I love to sleep. I try to go to bed around 10, but usually it’s closer to midnight. My alarm goes off around 6ish every morning.

Somethings on my Fall radar:
Go on a nice hike.
Visit the beach one more time before it gets too cold.
Visit a new place.
Make lots of Fall comfort food.

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