Will you be my Bridesmaid?

I am the worst. It’s been SO long since I’ve blogged……but I have an excuse! I’m getting married!!!!

I’ll get into the proposal, the ring, and our beautiful engagement photos in another post. This post is just for my favorite ladies! My friends are so very important to me and being the creative person I am, I wanted to do something different when I asked them to be in my wedding. After lots of thought, I ended up making these little cards and presenting them in a small box, topped off with paper flowers I made myself. The cards included general info about our wedding, import dates, and I ended with writing a small blurb about each girl. These were so fun to make and even more fun to give to my girls. It was so awesome seeing the reaction of everyone! Anyway, I’m beyond excited for our big day and I have SOOO many projects to share with you guys. Stay tuned. xoxo

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